About the Site

This site was born out of a dream to help people learn how to code.

I'm all to familiar with the struggle. As a designer, sometimes it's hard to get my right brain thinking logically.

When I'm writing about code, I trying to write in a way that explains how the code is working. Sure, you can copy and paste, but that doesn't help in the long run. If you're just looking for code snippets, you don't know what exactly how the code works or how to apply the concepts to future problems.

Why bother learning to code?

As a designer, I've seen the benefits of knowing code in running my own business.

About Me (Amy)

The clif notes version? I've spent the past 15 years, designing and developing websites. During that time, I've worked for a small company of a dozen, a medium sized company of 70, a large company of 1,000+, and done freelancing as one. Through these experiences, I've learned a lot about development and workflow. Surprisingly enough, a lot of the principles apply across the board, regardless of size. I'm here to share from my experiences.

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site color palette

This site was built using the Susy grid, Wordpress, jQuery, vue.js, and a lot of love.

I designed the site in Sketch and coded it in Sublime. This is a custom theme, but I started with (my) ahha-susy base theme as a starting point, which is a fork of Todd Motto’s HTML5 Blank Theme.

The page titles are set in Proxima Nova Black. The headings are in Knockout. Tertiary headings are in Brandon Grotesque, and body copy is in Tisa. -- I’m know I’m breaking design rules by using 3 sans-serif fonts and I’m definitely breaking performance rules. #designwins

The site icons are from Nova.

A majority of the pictures used within the headers are from Death to Stock Photography.