Beginner's Guide to Using the Terminal

For years, I’ve been afraid of the Terminal. I was scared that I would erase my entire hard drive with a single typo. But, once I started spending more time in the Terminal, I became more comfortable and confident. Here are some of the commands that I've found to be the most useful.


Writing Pull Requests

When you're working with git, you can push and pull code. I know it sounds weird. When you push code, it means you putting it on the server. You're pushing it online. When you pull code, it means that you're getting it off the server. You're pulling it down. So, a pull request is an official request to pull or merge your code.


Merge Conflicts

When we're merging branches or pushing code, git does a good job of handling updates automatically. Every once in a while, though, you may run into an issue where git doesn't know what to do. It doesn't know the best way to merge your files. This is called a merge conflict. If you've never seen this before, it can be a little scary. But *fear not*, today, we'll talk through how to resolve a merge conflict.

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